Our Story

As the largest free electronic component search engine and marketplace, Partstat has a great story to tell.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best information, tools, and technology through an open-platform model that maximizes inspiration and minimizes distraction.

Our Journey

Our journey to accomplish this, led us to design a simpler way to access more information, faster, from more suppliers. Through a single service, we provide all the tools you need to bring analytic capabilities to your decision-making process.

Our Platform

Our platform allows customers to intelligently monitor risk in their Bill of Materials, connect with more global authorized channel partners, locate inventory from the best sources, and even resell excess inventory at maximum market value.

Our Desire

Our desire to innovate propels us forward to this day. By listening to what the manufacturing industry wanted from an electronic component marketplace, Partstat has changed the rules of the game by eliminating restrictive boundaries that connect buyers and sellers.

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