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Solution Overview

Improve free cash flow, reduce inventory, and offer your customers an extended term of up to 10+ years to take delivery and pay. Partstat has recovered millions of dollars for distributors, allowing them to invest in winning projects that have a positive economic return.

Improve Free Cash Flow

We'll purchase inventory you already own, allowing you to recover capital. Going forward, we can purchase all inventory you need using our capital, enabling you to improve free cash flow.

Reduce Inventory

We'll convert already-owned inventory or finished goods to immediate cash by purchasing and then selling it to your OEM customer, while avoiding SOX issues and allowing you to crunch your cash cycle. We'll also buy all future inventory, so you don't have to.

How It Works

We Buy

Leverage our working capital to purchase the inventory you already own as well as all future inventory you need.

We Store

Your OEM customers will secure their inventory in specialized warehousing facilities around the world.

We Manage

We'll manage all administration and reporting functions required.

We Fulfill

We'll pick, pack, and ship inventory wherever your OEM customers need it. We also offer onsite consignment.


  • Preserve Working Capital
  • Recover Working Capital
  • Improve Free Cash Flow
  • Reinvest Capital into Winning Projects
  • Provide Extended Delivery Terms
  • Support Long-Term Platforms
  • Improve Margins
  • Protect Design Wins
  • Reduce Days' On-Hand Inventory

We Make Your Customers Happy

  • Preserve Working Capital
  • Improve Free Cash Flow
  • Reinvest Capital into Winning Projects
  • Secure Inventory for Product Life
  • Support Long-Term Platforms
  • Save Up to 42% on Carrying Costs
  • Reduce Days' On-Hand Inventory
  • Eliminate Lead Times
  • Mitigate Price Inflation
  • Avoid Costly Redesigns
  • Custom Delivery Schedule
  • Fulfill to EMS Providers
  • Ensure Great Business Continuity