Our Proven Strategy

Understanding how to price your excess inventory is a crucial step in the recovery rate. Our Big Data consists of 50 billion data points from thousands of manufacturers and authorized channel partners.

Through this data and 28 years of industry experience, we determine real-time market conditions for each part. These data points help us identify which parts are sellable through our service and how we can maximize resale value. Some of the largest companies in the world sell their excess inventory through our program.

Step 1 – Excess Inventory Analysis

We combine our Big Data with the experience of trained product specialists that provide a line item analysis of your excess inventory.

Here is some of the information you will receive in the Excess Inventory Analysis.

  • Line item analysis
  • Current life cycle status
  • Current global availability
  • Average distributor price
  • Average factory lead time

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Step 2 – Customer Dashboard

We provide visibility of excess inventory to your entire global footprint which eliminates double purchases. Through our online customer dashboard, companies can view current excess inventory sales and request inventory transfers.

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Step 3 – Marketing

Making your excess inventory visible to thousands of potential buyers on Partstat is our top priority. The inventory will be uploaded to the Partstat platform once received and inspected.

There are over 34,000 searches per day on Partstat from buyers of all types. By design, Partstat is an open platform that is also indexed by all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. This maximizes exposure to potential buyers that are looking to purchase your specific parts, even if they are not using Partstat.

Step 4 – Selling with Big Data

We use our information to understand real-time market conditions for each part including current global availability, lifecycle status, factory lead times and more. This data helps our experienced sales team understand how to price your inventory at the point of sale which is a crucial step in the recovery rate.

Partstat will handle all sales calls, fulfillment, and logistics, as well as provide a total reconciliation of shipping, invoicing, and payment collection.

Step 5 – Facilitate Lot Bid

In the final stage, after we have maximized your return utilizing our robust marketing strategy, we can facilitate a commodity lot bid process, in which we will auction off remaining inventory to the highest bidders.


  • Improves working capital
  • Maximizes ROI on excess and obsolete electronics
  • Free Excess Inventory Analysis Report
  • Safe and secure warehouse with climate control
  • Online Monitoring
  • Real-time visibility for your entire organization
  • All inventory optimized for maximum exposure
  • Full turnkey solution

Why We Do It

Excess and obsolete inventory negatively impacts the profitability of OEM and EMS companies in several ways. Excess inventory ties up working capital, preventing the ability to apply that capital more strategically. Working capital that has been invested in inventory, especially any excess inventory, has a negative rate of return and the longer it sits without an exit strategy, the more diminishing returns can be expected.

It’s worth noting that excess inventory is usually sold off at large discounts. It’s not uncommon to see up to a 95% loss or write-off. This obviously has a negative impact on a company’s margin and, thus, its profitability.

Some of the largest brands in the world trust Partstat to manage and sell their excess inventory.

Warehousing and Quality

Our dedicated staff has received extensive training and are experts in inspection, ESD, and MSL packaging protocols. Partstat provides warehousing and fulfillment for all types of inventory from board-level electronic components to industrial products. Partstat provides the industry’s best practices; our proficiency is acknowledged by our ISO 9001 and AS9120 certifications.

At Partstat, we owe it to our customers to give them peace of mind. Quality is extremely important to us and has become part of our culture here. We conduct a thorough quarterly review of all our processes to ensure the highest ongoing quality and efficiency. The facilities we use in our Excess program have been audited by companies like GE, Boeing, and Philips.