Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it cost to upload my inventory to the Partstat website?

Uploading to Partstat requires a subscription. Just go to the Upload Your Inventory link at the bottom of any page and click on the link and submit your inventory. It’s that easy. Or just send your inventory file to and it will be posted within 24 hours. Upgrade today and get Featured Listings on your entire inventory, along with our Snap Marketing of your company or product included in the results, Buy and RFQ URLs and the ability to Skype with your customers.

Q: How often is the trending information updated?

This data is crunched weekly to provide our users historical data ranging from 1 day to 1 year.

Q: Can I click through to a distributors shopping cart from Partstat to purchase parts?

Yes. Whenever you see a "Buy" link on the result line, simply click the link and you will be directed directly to the distributors shopping cart page.

Q: How can I update my credential information about my company?

Forward all proof of your company’s credentials to and our data team will verify the information and update your status within 24 hours.

Q: How do I sign up to use Skype through Partstat?

Simply go to the "Upgrade Subscription" page by clicking on the link located at the bottom of any of our web pages and purchase a Professional Subscription. You can learn more by clicking on this link Learn More or you can also watch the two videos below from our Partstat YouTube channel.

Q: Do I need a video cam to participate in the Skype program?

No. Users will be able to instant message through Skype so you can provide faster response customer inquiries. Also, if you have speakers on your computer system, you can speak to the suppler or customer through the Skype link.

Q: How do pictures or videos of my parts display in the search results?

With a Starter subscription or above, you can include a URL to the video or picture with your inventory file at the time of your upload.

Q: Will the videos have audio included?

Yes. This will give you 30 seconds to talk about your company or talk about the traceability and quality of your product.

Q: How do I sign up to enter quotes while using Partstat?

By creating a free account, you will gain access to this feature.

Q: Will I need to log in to enter my quotes?

Yes. The quotes feature will only be available once you log in.

Q: Will other users be able to see my quotes?

Just people in your company. Users not in your company will not be able to see your quotes.

Q: Can I share my quotes with colleagues?

Yes. Companies with a Starter Subscription have the ability to share quotes with colleagues via email or by printing.

Q: Once I enter a quote into Partstat, how do I view all of my quotes for that item?

Click the view/edit quotes button on the search results page to see all quotes by your team.

Q: How many more suppliers will be exposed using the Super Search feature?

You will receive the real-time inventory positions from over 70 Component Manufacturers and an additional 35 Franchise Distributors both regional and international.