Get the Data Your Company Needs with Partstat API

Partstat, the world’s largest open-platform search engine for electronic components, semiconductors, and computer products, now offers manufacturers access to its Big Data through the Partstat API.

How Does It Work?

The Partstat API allows OEM software developers and system integrators to easily request data and integrate the results of their requests directly into their ERP systems. All data acquired through our API can be easily queried with the programming language of your choice.

Partstat data is requested using RESTful API requests with data returned in the industry standard JSON format:

> curl


"Results": [ { "PartNumber": "INA128UA", "QtyAvailable": 78388, "FranchiseStatus": "F", "ManufacturerName": "Texas Instruments (TI)", "SupplierName": "Acme Supplier", "SupplierPhone": "99-9999999999", "SupplierFax": "99-9999999999", "Description": "SP Amp INSTR Amp Single ±18V 8-Pin SOIC Tube", "Comments": null, "LeadtimeWeeks": 0, "Packaging": "", "RoHS": null, "IRNumber": null, "RegionName": "Europe", "StockType": "S", "Prices": [ { "Quantity": 1, "Price": 7.8900 }, { "Quantity": 10, "Price": 6.5500 }, { "Quantity": 25, "Price": 6.0700 } ] }, { "PartNumber": "INA128UA", "QtyAvailable": 1534, "FranchiseStatus": "N", "ManufacturerName": "Texas Instruments (TI)", .....

What's included?

Partstat’s API includes access to 50 billion data points from over 5,000 manufacturers and authorized channel partners including Digi-Key, Avnet, Arrow, TTI, and Mouser.

Your data will include unique URLs, data sheets, order quantities, component lead times, pricing, product descriptions and specs, packaging protocols, and much more — each piece of data representing the state of the market at the point of the inquiry.

Part Search

Easily search for electronic components and get details on part availability, pricing, lead times and packaging from the world’s most trusted authorized distributors.

Part Details

Get detailed information on a specific part including potential obsolescence status, families and categories, detailed descriptions, attributes, and images, as well as direct links to tens of millions of data sheets.

Part Statistics

Get week-by-week aggregate details on part availability, pricing, and lead times across the global marketplace to help make future supply chain decisions.