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Solution Overview

Analytics That Empower

We combine advanced algorithms with 50 billion data points on lead time, price, and quantity from thousands of component manufacturers and authorized distributors to help supply chain leaders mitigate risk.

Leadtime Trends

Interactive trending charts for every part on your BOM help you stay ahead of long lead times and other supply chain risks. Understand current market conditions before they happen and hedge against allocation.

Obsolescence Monitoring

We monitor for obsolescence and notify you immediately when we see a change in lifecycle status. We will also purchase up to 10+ years of End-of-Life inventory, direct from the manufacturer, so you don't have to.

Lifecycle Analysis Charts

We monitor unlimited BOMS and inform our customers immediately when a lifecycle status changes.

Trending Graphs

Our unique monitoring service will deliver real-time information on authorized lead times, price, and quantity.

Lifecycle Report

Deep dive into your lifecycle analysis report and get crosses, PCNs, environmental compliance, datasheets, and more.