The Most Comprehensive Big Data

The Partstat database consists of over 50 billion data points on millions of electronic components and semiconductors from thousands of component manufacturers and global authorized resellers.

Predict and Monitor Obsolescence

Partstat predicts when a component is trending towards obsolescence. This is done through advanced algorithms that look at quantities, lead times and NRND (Not Recommended for New Design) notices. When the component manufacturer sends out a PCN with NRND, Partstat will notify customers immediately.

Monitor Allocation

Allocation can be just as much of a production stopper as obsolescence, because if you can’t get your parts, you can’t get your parts. Partstat offers the only solution that monitors for both obsolescence and allocation, giving you the most proactive BOM Monitoring strategy on the market.

Confirm Lifecycles

Each BOM uploaded is assigned to one of our BOM Specialists who will provide real-time confirmation of lifecycle statuses, which can be viewed at any time from your online dashboard.

Price Your BOM

Each BOM is automatically priced upon upload. With this tool, customers can price multiple BOMs in seconds, share with colleagues, or use it to get a rough estimate on product development.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Partstat

Working in the Electronics Industry has enough challenges with the constant changes in availability of components. Partstat’s BOM Monitoring system has helped us to alleviate the cost and inconvenience of Obsolescence. Receiving a warning of upcoming changes or discontinuance by the Manufacturers allows us time to place Last/Lifetime Buys and saves us time and costly redesigns. Keep up the good work, you’re making my job easier!

Andrew Cocciolone
Purchasing Manager

We have been using Partstat’s BOM monitoring service for over a year now and it has saved us significant cost by being able to identify and address component risks in advance of our next purchase. The service from Partstat has been very flexible with our requirements and the support team is very responsive and helpful.

Anthony McCormack
Industrialisation Projects Leader

How We Do It

Partstat has over 50 billion data points from thousands of component manufacturers and authorized channel resellers. This data is combined with advanced algorithms so customers can easily Price, Monitor, Predict, and, with our help, Confirm, the lifecycle status of an electronic component.

BOM Analysis

Partstat will generate a BOM Analysis within 72 hours after uploading your BOM.

During the scrubbing process, we determine the following details for each part on your BOM:

  • The Lifecycle Status
  • The Allocation Status
  • The Factory Lead Time
  • Current Average Pricing
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Historical Trending Charts
  • Data Sheets
  • BOM Specialist Confirms All Parts Flagged as End of Life, Last Time Buy and Obsolete

Why We Do It

Staying ahead of obsolescence is critical for OEM and EMS companies. Each year, hundreds of thousands of electronic components and semiconductors transition to obsolescence. Of these, almost 50% will transition to obsolescence without the end user receiving a Product Change Notification.

In addition to the known impact of obsolescence, there is also the issue of allocation, which can extend lead times often well beyond 16 weeks. This can lead to major production stoppages and delays.

Finally, it is also important to understand the lifecycle status conflicts inherent on every BOM. The amount of available data on components is vast, and the interpretation of it is a massive undertaking that usually requires the effort of an entire team of people.


  • Partstat has the most comprehensive database of electronic components and semiconductors
  • Partstat provides the only BOM Monitoring solution that Predicts and Monitors component allocation as well as obsolescence
  • Partstat has more global authorized reseller partners than any other platform
  • Each BOM is priced upon upload
  • Partstat is the only monitoring solution that includes a proactive BOM Health Analysis by a dedicated BOM specialist to help ensure BOM accuracy prior to processing.
  • Each company subscription includes 20 seats on the Partstat platform
  • Each BOM is assigned to a dedicated BOM Specialist who provides guidance and real-time confirmation of critical lifecycle statuses