Who We Work With

EOL Last Time Buy Solutions

We will purchase, store, and fulfill multiple years of EOL components on behalf of your OEM customers. We can purchase and pay for up to 20 years of EOL components all at once, before the last time buy date, and provide your customers support throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.

  • Support Long-Term Platforms - We’ll use our capital and infrastructure resources to purchase, store, and fulfill LTB inventory supporting 20+ year schedules.
  • Make Obsolescence Transitions Earlier - Partstat’s EOL LTB Solutions extend support to your customers allowing you to obsolete components sooner.
  • No Price Erosion - Partstat’s pricing utilizes your current pricing and channel partners, no discounts required.
  • Protect Design Wins - Our solutions ensure that your customers will continue using your technology in their products throughout the entire lifecycle of their product.
  • Immediate Payment - Get immediate payment for Last Time Buy purchases.
  • Current Partner Limitations - Current support levels from Authorized Resellers max out at 18 to 24 months, far shorter than OEM product lifecycles.

Inquire today about how Partstat can partner with you before your next component reaches end-of-life.

Long-Term Semiconductor Storage

Partstat is an ISO 9001-2015 and AS9120 certified company by TUV SUD of America. Our ability to store, protect, and fulfill semiconductor inventory provides best-in-class business continuity.

  • Semiconductor Vault Storage - Our Vault protects critical or irreplaceable semiconductor products from unexpected supply chain risks, such as fire, flood and even unstable political environments.
  • Die & Wafer Banking – Store your Die & Wafer in the latest in Dry Cabinet technology. As an added level of protection, our Dry Cabinets reside inside our Semiconductor Vault.
  • Custom Global Fulfillment – Partstat has the experience and infrastructure to properly store, fulfill, and bill to 3rd parties supporting 20+ year schedules.

Data Integration

Partstat leverages over 50 billion data points in its API to help component manufacturers make their platforms more intelligent.

  • Global Real-Time Distributor Inventory Availability
  • Global Distributor Network Connectivity
  • Current and Historical Component Pricing
  • Current and Historical Component Lead Times
  • Data Sheets
  • Part Statistics
  • Integrates with ERP Systems
  • Intelligently Price Inventory
  • Increase Inventory Turns
  • Improve Margins

Add the Partstat API to your platform and enhance the user experience by adding a distributor stock check that will give your customers information like authorized quantities, pricing, and lead times. The Partstat API can also provide this information in trending chart format as seen below:

Upload Your Inventory & Sell Direct

Times are changing, and more component manufacturers are heading to a "sell direct" model. Partstat allows component manufacturers to upload their inventory to our platform for free. We can even link directly to your shopping carts on your website.