EOL Last Time Buy Solutions

We offer EMS providers two strategies that will reduce inventory and improve free cash flow.

Inventory Reduction Strategy

Partstat will convert inventory to immediate cash by purchasing inventory off your balance sheet and moving the obligation to your OEM customer (avoid SOX issues).

This enables EMS companies to provide OEM customers extended terms, save on annual inventory carrying costs, and improve free cash flow.

Go-Forward Strategy

When last time buy dates are issued, we will use our own capital to purchase all EOL inventory, direct from the manufacturer. This enables EMS companies to provide OEM customers an extended payment program up to 20 years, while improving free cash flow.


  • Preserve Working Capital – Partstat has preserved over $250M of working capital for our customers.
  • Recover Working Capital & Improve FCF – Partstat will purchase inventory owned by EMS companies and convert the inventory to cash.
  • Reinvest Capital into ROIC – Reinvest capital that would have been spent on inventory into ROIC.
  • Move Purchase Commitment to Your OEM – Reduce inventory by transferring the obligation to purchase inventory to your OEM.
  • Support Long-Term Platforms – Provide your OEM customers support by using Partstat to secure inventory for long-term platforms.
  • Eliminate Component Price Inflation – Eliminate PPVs with OEM customers. Once we purchase the inventory, all prices are locked in for the entire term of the agreement.
  • Improve Margins - Consolidate purchases and use our capital resources to execute bulk purchases to drive discounts to improve margins.
  • Protect Design Wins - Our solutions ensure that your customers will continue using your services throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.
  • Ensure Business Continuity – Always stay ahead of supply chain risks and support your customers throughout the lifecycle of their products.

Case Studies

Long-Term Semiconductor Storage

Partstat is an ISO 9001-2015 and AS9120 certified company by TUV SUD of America. Our ability to store, protect, and fulfill semiconductor inventory provides best-in-class business continuity.

  • Semiconductor Vault Storage - Our Vault protects critical or irreplaceable semiconductor products from unexpected supply chain risks, such as fire, flood, and even unstable political environments.
  • Die & Wafer Banking – Store your Die & Wafer in the latest in Dry Cabinet technology. As an added level of protection, our Dry Cabinets reside inside our Semiconductor Vault.
  • Custom Global Fulfillment – Partstat has the experience and infrastructure to properly store, fulfill, and bill to 3rd parties supporting 20+ year schedules.

BOM Monitoring Solution

Intelligent platform for BOM risk management.

We combine advanced algorithms with 50 billion data points from thousands of component manufacturers and authorized channel partners to help supply chain leaders mitigate risk.


  • 50 Billion Data Points
  • Monitor Obsolescence and Allocation
  • Lead Time, Quantity, & Price Trends
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Dedicated BOM Specialist
  • Proactive BOM Health Analysis
  • 20 Seats Per Subscription
  • Datasheets
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Each BOM Priced Upon Upload
  • Rapid RFQ
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