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End-of-Life Challenges

Electronics manufacturers are vulnerable to production and service delays brought on by end-of-life component challenges: working capital, inventory budgets, inventory carrying costs, storage and fulfillment capabilities, and redesign costs.

Last Time Buy Solutions

Partstat will purchase, store, and fulfill 20+ years of last time buy inventory, direct from the component manufacturer, before the last time buy date.


  • Preserve Working Capital
  • Improve Free Cash Flow
  • Reinvest Capital into ROIC
  • Secure Inventory for the Life of Your Product
  • Support Long-Term Platforms
  • Save Up to 42% on Annual Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Reduce Days On-Hand Inventory
  • Eliminate Lead Times
  • Mitigate Price Inflation
  • Avoid Costly Redesigns
  • Customize Your Own Delivery Schedule
  • Fulfill to EMS Partners
  • Ensure Great Business Continuity

Case Studies

Beyond Last Time Buys

The many benefits of our solution apply to other common situations OEMs encounter, like:

  • Buffer Stock – The purchasing power of our EOL Last Time Buy Solutions can be leveraged for the acquisition of buffer stock, enabling OEMs to stay ahead of potential shortage-related disruption while locking in today’s cost.
  • Price Inflation - To stay ahead of price inflation, many OEMs opt to lock in today’s cost by making a bulk purchase of critical inventory upfront. This is also helpful for negotiating significant discounts.
  • Long-Term Service Commitments - Our solution offers customers the means to purchase minimum bulk quantities of Field Repair Units and a storage infrastructure capable of fulfilling them as needed.
  • EMS Providers’ Holding Costs - When EMS providers carry multiple years of inventory for their OEM customers, they charge on average 15% per annum. With Partstat’s EOL Last Time Buy program, OEMs have the ability to cut this cost in half.
  • ASICs - Our solution provides manufacturers with the purchasing power to bank raw die and wafer for future builds. Partstat will also store this sensitive material in our desiccant dry cabinets that are housed inside our semiconductor vault.

Already-Owned Last Time Buy Inventory

If you have already purchased the last time buy inventory needed to support your long-term production and service commitments, you can still take advantage of Partstat’s industry-leading semiconductor storage & specialized fulfillment capabilities.