Unique Features

We’ve created a proven model for customers to secure critical Last Time Buy inventory. When an End-of-Life component is triggered through our BOM Monitoring service, customers can next engage with our Last Time Buy Solution as part of the process.

Partstat is the only supply chain partner who will buy, own, store, and fulfill end-of-life components beyond 20 years. This solution has been proven to:

  • Preserve Working Capital
  • Reduce Days On-Hand Inventory
  • Lower Annual Inventory Carrying Costs
  • Guarantee Business Continuity

Already Own Last Time Buy Inventory?

If you have already purchased the Last Time Buy inventory needed to support your long-term production and service commitments, you can still take advantage of Partstat’s industry-leading semiconductor storage & specialized fulfillment capabilities.

Beyond Last Time Buys

The many benefits of our solution apply to other common situations OEMs encounter, like:

  • Price Inflation - To stay ahead of price inflation, many OEMs opt to lock in today’s cost by making a bulk purchase of critical inventory upfront. This is also helpful for negotiating significant discounts.
  • Long-Term Service Commitments - Our solution offers customers the means to purchase minimum bulk quantities of Field Repair Units and a storage infrastructure capable of fulfilling them as needed.
  • ASICs – Partstat’s Dry Cabinets, housed in the industry’s only custom storage vault, maintain a relative humidity as low as 0.5%, making conditions optimal for long-term semiconductor storage.

Calculate Your Carrying Cost Savings

Inventory Carrying Costs range between 15% and 25% annually. These costs include capital costs, inventory service costs (insurance, handling, & taxes) and inventory storage costs (warehousing, labor, & administration).

Calculate Carrying Cost Savings