Sell Your Inventory Intelligently

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Register for a free Partstat account
  2. Create an Excel file using the exact column headers (names) in this example. Reference the FAQ below to see minimum requirements on which columns must be completed.
  3. E-mail your Excel spreadsheet to along with the following information needed for us to create your Supplier Account*:
    • Company Name
    • Website Address
    • Sales Contact Name/Email Address
    • Uploader Contact Name/Email Address
    • Physical Address
    • Phone Number
    • Logo
    • Manufacturers For Which You Are An Authorized Reseller (Or A Link To Them On Your Website)
    • Credentials:
      • Year Established
      • ISO Cert No.
      • Product Liability (yes or no)
      • ERAI (yes or no)
      • IDEA (yes or no)
      • GIDEP (yes or no)
      • Warranty (yes or no)
  4. * To expedite your upload to Partstat, please be sure to provide all of the information requested.

Download an example spreadsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions