Custom Vault Storage

The Partstat industry-first Custom Storage Vault is rated "Best in Class" for component and raw material storage, and is also located right here in the U.S. Our Vault offers guaranteed business continuity throughout your product’s entire lifecycle, as it protects critical electronic inventory from all supply chain risks, such as natural disasters and political instability.


  • Fire Rated Class 350 Certification – Insulated with spun ceramic material, our Vault has been tested to withstand temperatures well above 2,000°F for over five hours.
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression System – In the remote case of a fire, our Vault will automatically trigger a chemical suppression system created specifically to protect electronic components.
  • Zone IV Seismic Rated – With a unique structural steel design, our Vault has been tested to have a strength three times that of a normal building, rendering it safe from all natural disasters.
  • Magnetic Shielding – The Vault walls and ceiling are enhanced with magnetic shielding to protect against magnetic interference and electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can include anything from a common power surge to a lightning strike.
  • 1,100 lb. Vault Door – With a unique two-door design for additional protection, our vault door is the same one trusted by world-leading government and commercial enterprises such as AT&T, Walt Disney Imagineering, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Air Force.
  • Modular Construction – Built from panels that are 24 inches wide and can vary in height from 8 to 16 feet, our Vault can be customized to meet your current needs, and even expand as your needs change.

Die & Wafer Banking

Instead of offering standard options for moisture-sensitive semiconductors, we introduced Partstat’s industry-leading desiccant dry cabinets. This specialized cabinetry is capable of maintaining a relative humidity of less than 0.5 percent – far below the IPC standard, creating the optimal storage environment for long-term die and wafer banking. Partstat’s Dry Cabinets are also stored in our "Best in Class" Custom Storage Vault.


  • Self-Regulated Drying Technology – This allows for a market-leading recovery time of less than three minutes, which allows Partstat assembly specialists to retrieve critical moisture-sensitive components as often as 10-12 times per hour.
  • Zeolite MSL Regulation – Zeolite is a naturally occurring clay-like compound that comes from volcanic earth deposits and exhibits humidity control qualities far superior to nitrogen. Nitrogen-infused dry cabinets can only achieve 6-10 percent relative humidity, while Zeolite is capable of maintaining 0.5 percent relative humidity.
  • ESD Protection – All of our desiccant dry cabinets are built using innovative conductive powder paint surface over steel construction, which is designed to eliminate the risks associated with electrostatic discharge.


Through our infrastructure and regularly audited processes, we provide manufacturers with the industry’s premier customizable, full-turnkey, global fulfillment solution for all critical electronic components and semiconductors.

Specialized Electronics Handling

  • Established ESD, MSL Processes and Protocols
  • Manufacturer MOQs splits to JEDEC standards
  • Baking and MSL reconstitution to JEDEC standards
  • Testing Coordination: Solder, Electrical, Functional, etc.

Worldwide Fulfillment

  • Picking, Packing, Shipping
  • Import/Export Administration
  • Freight Administration
  • Distribution to OEM Designee(s)
  • Invoicing and AR for OEM designees (CM, EMS)

Commitment to Quality

Quality is extremely important to us and has become part of our culture at Partstat. We conduct a thorough quarterly review of all our ISO:9001:2015 and AS9120B-certified processes to ensure the highest ongoing quality and efficiency, and our facilities are regularly audited by customers such as GE, Philips, and Honeywell.