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Aerospace: End-of-Life/Last Time Buy

Quick Summary

  • Capital Preserved: $19.3M
  • Partstat Savings: $4.9M
  • Term: 7 Years Years

A leading aerospace manufacturer utilized four configurations of solid-state switching devices in production. The OEM encountered an unexpected Last Time Buy notices for all four variants required for seven years’ worth of inventory, and consequently, needed to place a Last Time Buy for $19.3M worth of devices.

Through an Inventory Ownership Solution, Partstat placed the Last Time Buy directly with the component manufacturer. The OEM and Partstat entered into a supply agreement. Partstat provided a seven-year delivery schedule to support the OEM.

The OEM preserved $19.3M of working capital, lowered annual inventory carrying costs, secured inventory for seven years, reinvested capital into winning projects, and locked in component costs.