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The largest freely searchable database of parts and components in the world.

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Partstat Features

For Buyers
  • Inventory from thousands of global suppliers and manufacturers
  • Get immediate stock availability, pricing and current manufacturer lead times
  • Real-time Supplier Scores will help you make better buying decisions.
  • Record and recall quotes from suppliers.
  • View supplier facilities with our Google Earth integration
  • Millions of data sheets and images on over 2,000 types of products
For Sellers
  • Receive RFQs, direct links to shopping cart and calls from buyers
  • Get preferred inventory positioning for your upload
  • Tools to help price inventory
  • Upload product images with Snap Marketing
  • Expose your inventory to Google users with our open platform
  • Partstat data can be integrated with your software systems


Work where you want, when you want, on whatever device you want. Partstat has you covered.

Search free of fees.

Partstat gives you freedom from search fees. Search, source, and contact as much as you want, as often as you want at no charge.

Parts and components from top industry suppliers worldwide.

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Faster. Easier. Better.

Partstat was built from the ground up to be a faster, easier, and better way for companies to source and sell parts and components. Whether you are searching for parts or selling the ones you already have, Partstat simplifies the process saving you and your company time and money.