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Your Semiconductor 3PL Partner

We will purchase, store, and fulfill several years of your critical semiconductors, so you don’t have to.

What We Do

Semiconductor 3PL

We can store & fulfill semiconductors and irreplaceable inventory anywhere in the world on a schedule of your choosing. From semiconductor vault storage to die & wafer banking, Partstat has the specialized infrastructure for all your semiconductor 3PL needs.


Inventory Ownership

With over $1B of purchasing power, Partstat can buy inventory on your behalf and provide long-term storage and custom fulfillment based on your chosen schedule. Preserve your working capital and control supply chain risk.


Who We Work With


Control Supply Chain Risk

Build Buffer Stock

Secure EOL Inventory

Support EMS Partners

Lock-In Inventory Costs

Service & Repair Support

Success Stories

Medical Devices Case Study

Capital Preserved: $11M
Partstat Savings: $3.9M
Term: 10 Years

Technology Case Study

Capital Preserved: $4.3M
Partstat Savings: $1.1M
Term: 7 Years

Automotive Case Study

Capital Preserved: $5.8M
Partstat Savings: $660K
Term: 3 Years

Aerospace Case Study

Capital Preserved: $19.3M
Partstat Savings: $4.9M
Term: 7 Years



Supply Chain Relief Does Not Come Without Risk Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the news coverage regarding global supply chains has centered around inventory shortages, particularly in the electronics sphere. For 2024, however, that narrative seems to be shifting at least temporarily from inventory shortages to overhang inventory. While this state…

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Moore’s Law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, has been a cornerstone of the semiconductor industry for over five decades. It predicts that the number of transistors on a microchip will double approximately every two years, leading to an exponential increase in computing power. This prediction has been a driving force behind the semiconductor industry,…

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The rise of cryptocurrency has had a profound impact on various industries, and the semiconductor industry is no exception. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, rely on a technology called blockchain, which requires substantial computational power and energy for transaction processing and mining new coins. This demand has driven significant growth in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors, specifically…

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In the era of digital transformation, cybersecurity has become a critical concern across all sectors, including the semiconductor industry. The design and manufacturing of semiconductors are increasingly targeted by cyber threats, making cybersecurity a crucial aspect of the semiconductor design process. Semiconductors are the building blocks of modern electronics. They power everything from smartphones to…

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