Case Study

Semiconductor Vault Storage: Guarantee Business Continuity & Protect Downstream Revenues

Quick Summary

video card
  • Type: Critical Inventory Storage
  • Industry: Business Devices
  • Issue: OEM infrastructure and business continuity
  • Solution:
    • Inventory placed in the Partstat Vault
    • ASICs stored in Partstat’s Dry Cabinets
    • Fulfillment to EMS companies provided
    • Customer lowered cost
    • Customer protected downstream revenues

A large manufacturer of business devices (OEM) utilizes Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) in the production and service of their products. The OEM’s products have very long life cycles that required extended service support. The OEM purchased several years' supply of a particular ASIC in both its finished and die form. The inventory was stored at one of the OEM’s warehouses with the plan to fulfill to their EMS who was providing both production and service support.

The OEM recognized that their core competency was not warehousing and fulfillment. Further, they lacked the proper infrastructure to store and handle ASICs in wafer and die form. In addition, the OEM was concerned about business continuity and protecting their downstream production and service revenues.

Partstat’s Semiconductor Vault Storage Solution was able to alleviate the OEM’s concerns. The solution included storage of these irreplaceable ASICs in the Partstat Vault. This vault, located at Partstat’s Winter Springs (Orlando) Florida location, has an 1100 pound door and is rated at three times the strength of a normal building. As the name implies, it is fireproof and is also earthquake proof, hurricane proof, is magnetically shielded and is climate controlled. The vault system was recently rated "best in class" for raw material storage. Further, the Vault contains Partstat Dry Cabinets for the proper storage of wafer and die.