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Inventory Ownership Solutions

We will purchase, store, and fulfill several years of your critical semiconductors, so you don’t have to.


How It Works

We Buy

Leverage our working capital to purchase the inventory you need.

We Store

Secure your inventory in specialized warehousing facilities around the world.

We Manage

Let us manage all administration and reporting functions required.

We Fulfill

We'll pick, pack, and ship your inventory wherever you need it.

Reasons We Buy

Control Supply Chain Risk

Secure the critical semiconductors and components you need to support the production and service cycles of your business


End-of-Life - Last Time Buys

We'll buy End-of-Life inventory direct from the component manufacturer, before the Last Time Buy date, so you don't have to


Build Buffer

Always have inventory when you need it, no matter what supply chain disruption may arise. We buy, fulfill, and replenish



Preserve Working Capital

Going forward, we can purchase all inventory you need using our capital, enabling you to preserve your working capital

Improve Free Cash Flow

Incremental FCF allows our customers to pay down debt, pay dividends, buy back stock, and facilitate business growth.

Save on Annual Inventory Carrying Costs

Our inventory solutions have proven to save up to 42% on annual carrying costs

Eliminate Lead Times

Protect against inventory allocation issues, market disruptions, and long factory lead times

Avoid Costly Redesigns

Secure the End-of-Life inventory you need for the remainder of your build to avoid costly redesigns

Secure Last Time Buys

We'll buy 10+ years of End-of-Life inventory, direct from the component manufacturer, before the Last Time Buy date.