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We will purchase, store, and fulfill several years of your critical semiconductors, so you don’t have to.

What We Do

Semiconductor 3PL

We can store & fulfill semiconductors and irreplaceable inventory anywhere in the world on a schedule of your choosing. From semiconductor vault storage to die & wafer banking, Partstat has the specialized infrastructure for all your semiconductor 3PL needs.


Inventory Ownership

With over $1B of purchasing power, Partstat can buy inventory on your behalf and provide long-term storage and custom fulfillment based on your chosen schedule. Preserve your working capital and control supply chain risk.


Who We Work With


Control Supply Chain Risk

Build Buffer Stock

Secure EOL Inventory

Support EMS Partners

Lock-In Inventory Costs

Service & Repair Support

Success Stories

Medical Devices Case Study

Capital Preserved: $11M
Partstat Savings: $3.9M
Term: 10 Years

Technology Case Study

Capital Preserved: $4.3M
Partstat Savings: $1.1M
Term: 7 Years

Automotive Case Study

Capital Preserved: $5.8M
Partstat Savings: $660K
Term: 3 Years

Aerospace Case Study

Capital Preserved: $19.3M
Partstat Savings: $4.9M
Term: 7 Years



Building the Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing Construction is on schedule for Intel’s two new semiconductor plants in New Albany, Ohio, marking a significant milestone in the development of the “Silicon Heartland.” This ambitious project is part of Intel’s broader strategy to enhance domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and strengthen the U.S. position in the global technology…

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China’s Ambitious Semiconductor Investment China has announced a monumental $47.5 billion state fund to bolster its semiconductor industry, marking a significant step in its quest for technological self-sufficiency. This strategic investment aims to enhance domestic chip production, reduce dependency on foreign technology, and position China as a global leader in semiconductor innovation. This move comes…

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Enhancing U.S. Semiconductor Capabilities The U.S. government has announced a $75 million grant to Absolics, a subsidiary of South Korean glass manufacturer SKC, to develop advanced chip packaging technologies. This investment is part of a broader strategy to strengthen the domestic semiconductor industry and enhance supply chain resilience. The grant underscores the importance of advanced…

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Safeguarding Critical Technology The recent revelations about ASML’s potential implementation of “kill switches” in its semiconductor manufacturing equipment have sparked significant discussion in the tech world. This move is designed to protect sensitive technology from falling into the wrong hands, particularly in the event of a geopolitical crisis, such as a potential Chinese invasion of…

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