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Your Semiconductor 3PL Partner

We will purchase, store, and fulfill several years of your critical semiconductors, so you don’t have to.

What We Do

Semiconductor 3PL

We can store & fulfill semiconductors and irreplaceable inventory anywhere in the world on a schedule of your choosing. From semiconductor vault storage to die & wafer banking, Partstat has the specialized infrastructure for all your semiconductor 3PL needs.


Inventory Ownership

With over $1B of purchasing power, Partstat can buy inventory on your behalf and provide long-term storage and custom fulfillment based on your chosen schedule. Preserve your working capital and control supply chain risk.


Who We Work With


Control Supply Chain Risk

Build Buffer Stock

Secure EOL Inventory

Support EMS Partners

Lock-In Inventory Costs

Service & Repair Support

Success Stories

Medical Devices Case Study

Capital Preserved: $11M
Partstat Savings: $3.9M
Term: 10 Years

Technology Case Study

Capital Preserved: $4.3M
Partstat Savings: $1.1M
Term: 7 Years

Automotive Case Study

Capital Preserved: $5.8M
Partstat Savings: $660K
Term: 3 Years

Aerospace Case Study

Capital Preserved: $19.3M
Partstat Savings: $4.9M
Term: 7 Years



A Strategic Move in the Semiconductor Industry Vishay Intertechnology’s recent acquisition of General Semiconductor is a significant event in the semiconductor industry, signaling a noteworthy shift in market dynamics and competitive landscapes. This move not only alters Vishay’s position within the sector but also has broader implications for the industry’s future. Vishay and General Semiconductor:…

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In a year that has seen a degree of optimism regarding global supply chain news — at least compared to recent years — a notable exception is the medical device supply chain. Since the COVID-19 pandemic revealed many weaknesses in the U.S. medical supply chain’s ability to provide life-saving tools and equipment in times of…

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While there will always be minor ebbs and flows analyzing any market, long-term the electronic component market will almost assuredly grow to unprecedented levels. Over the next five years, it is anticipated that the market will be valued at nearly $900 billion, driven primarily by exponential demand increases in market such as automotive, healthcare, consumer…

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